Magnetic Flue/Stove Pipe Thermometer


Magnetic Stove/Flue Pipe Thermometer

Monitor the burning temperature of your stove
Burning too low creates soot
Burning too high wastes wood
Burn just right increases efficiency

Works brilliant on its own and in conjunction with my
Stove Top Fan these products will increase the efficiency of your fire place.


Stick the thermometer 300-350mm on the flue above the stove top to measure your fires burning will be amazed how often you check it. I have one of these and a stove top fan on my fire place they are great, cheap and they work.

62mm in diameter

Note: not all stainless steel is magnetic. Comes with a safety screw to attach the thermometer to the flue if not also comes with a wire.


12 month Warranty


Free Shipping

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