About us


Hi, my name is Darren Mills and I live in Arrowtown which is a small town just outside Queenstown. 

I am a qualified Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration engineer and have been living in the area for Nine years.

I set up this Web Shop in February 2014 whilst off work for three months after getting bitten by a great white shark off the south coast of NZ, don't believe me? ( Google it )

Living in Arrowtown is awesome but there is a bit of a smog issue during the winter months from wood fires so I started looking for products that increase the efficiency of wood stoves and free standing fire places. Not saying I will resolve this smoke issue alone but any little helps!

I have three great products at the moment and will be adding more in the near future, just in talks with some suppliers overseas and in New Zealand.

Any Shops, Suppliers or Installers who would be interested in stocking my thermometers or fans contact me!

Email me at burnlesswood@gmail.com



Thanks for taking time to read about us!